Course Tour

#1 Par 4
369 yards

The tee shot should favor the right
side on this dogleg left fairway. Trees
line both sides and a bunker protects 
the corner if you try to cut off too much.
A 3-wood off the tee, right and short
of the bunker only leaves about 125 
yards to the green that is guarded by 
a bunker on the left side of the green.


#2 Par 3
164 yards

Out of bounds right, two bunkers and
two tall trees protect this hole from any
shot that's not struck solidly at the 
center of the green.


#3 Par 4
352 yards

This hole is similar to #1 only with a 
narrower fairway and no fairway bunker.
3-wood off the tee will leave about 115
yards into the green. A driver with a draw
will get you closer, but an errant shot will
be blocked out by the trees.


#4 Par 4
398 yards

Most players will try to drive the ball to 
the end of the fairway, but this will leave
a mid to long iron into a very difficult 
green. The bombers can carry the creek
(258 yards) leaving a 9 iron or wedge
into a green that slopes dramatically from
back to front with severe undulations.


   #5 Par 4 
395 yards 
#3 Handicap 

The creek does not come into play, but
the out of bounds on the right causes
many a drives to find the trees on the left
side of this hole. Even with a good drive,
the OB lurks on the right side waiting for
any errant iron shots. A 2nd shot hitting
this green does not guarantee a par on this undulating green.


   #6 Par 4
358 yards

Another dogleg left with a huge bunker
guarding the left corner of the fairway. 
A 3-wood off the tee may be a good
option to keep the ball from going thru
the fairway and short of the bunker.
This would get you with a 7-8 or 9 iron
in your hands, hitting into a large green
guarded by bunkers on each side.


   #7 Par 4
302 yards

Short but treacherous! There is water
on the right from 125 yards into the
green. A fairway bunker left catches any
drives that bail out to the left. Even if the
tee ball escapes the bunker left, a large
oak tree blocks most shots into the left 
side pin placements on this green. A large 
elevated bunker in front keeps most shots
from getting close to the flag.


   #8 Par 5
538 yards
#1 Handicap

One of the hardest holes in Northwestern
Ohio! A 3-wood or long iron is the choice
for most, trying to keep the tee ball on the 
left side of the fairway short of the river. If
a drive wanders too far right, a large Maple
tree blocks the 2nd shot. Ideally the 2nd
shot will be on the right side of the fairway
in the flat about 100 yards out. This dogleg
left to an elevated green makes it very hard
to judge the distance to the flag. Many
bogeys or higher have been made on this
tough hole.


#9 Par 3
175 yards

An uphill tee shot, over the river with a mid
to long iron is the preferred club. It's difficult
to get the ball back to the hole. A large tree
on the right side, short of the green catches
many miss hit shots.


#10 Par 4
421 yards
#4 Handicap

A fairway bunker on the left, lots of trees on
the right and hitting to a raised fairway puts a
premium on a good drive. A small creek
meanders along the left side of the green and
a bunker guards the right side. Trying to
guide a mid to long iron into this green is
intimidating at best.


#11 Par 3
209 yards

It is better to be short than left or right or 
long on this hole. Guarded by three large
bunkers, the green slopes from back to front
with two tiers, making it a must to have a 
straight uphill putt or chip.


#12 Par 4
381 yards

After two tough holes, this one's a little bit
easier, unless your tee shot does not carry
225 yards over the creek. If it does, watch
out for bunkers on the right side of the
fairway. Once you have reached the green,
be careful of the undulations and slopes on
this putting surface.


   #13 Par 4
395 yards

This is our signature hole. A pond is about 250 yards
off the tree.
After a good lay up shot, you will have a
mid to long iron into an elevated, three
tiered green. A stray drive to the right will
be blocked out by a big maple tree, making
it impossible to hit the green.


#14 Par 4
428 yards
#2 Handicap

It takes a long straight drive to get within
160-190 yards of the green. Two sets
of bunkers guard each side of the fairway
and the green slopes sharply from the back
to front.


#15 Par 3 
193 yards

This hole has a two-tiered green with bunkers
guarding the front and right. Similar to
#11, it makes it very difficult to get it up and
down unless the ball lands on the green
or just short.


#16 Par 5
515 yards

There is out of bounds on the left with bunkers
on both sides of the landing area. A drive that
is not in the fairway might force a lay up shot,
because of the rough and some trees that
will block any shots going for the green in two.
Even after a good lay up shot, this saddleback
green with bunkers guarding the front makes
it hard to pitch it close to the hole.


   #17 Par 5 
543 yards

This dogleg left hole with a 90 degree turn has
out of bounds down the entire left side of the
hole. A well placed drive on the left side and
the ability to hit a high 3-wood over the trees
might entice going for it in two. Otherwise, a
mid iron lay up shot would be smart, leaving
you with a 9 iron or wedge from about 
100-125 yards away. This two level green
also has a bunker on the right that attracts any
miss hit shots.


   #18 Par 4 
396 yards

A great finishing hole! With a tree lined dogleg
right, the drive must be the correct distance to
reach the opening to the green. A less than
perfect tee shot will find the ball in, around or
under the trees, causing the next shot to be
punched out into the fairway. A grassy depression
in front and bunkers on the left and right will
catch any errant shots.